Saturday, September 20, 2008

20 September Progress Note

My first journal entry is partially finished. My format for this year is a 4"x4" square, a popular size so I gather fom some of the posts to the main page. I chose this size as it is what for me seems reasonable to complete in a month whether I choose to bead all of the area or only a portion. My theme (or so I think) for the year is a journey through the chakras. I am starting with the root chakra since it seems to be a part of my healing process as I continue to recover from 2 hip surgeries (one 6 months ago and one 11 months ago). Since my recovery is all about stregthening and flexibility of my pelvic muscles and being able to walk in a healthy manner for the first time in my life the issues that have come up for me are related to the root chakra and so it seems appropriate.

Since I am working with the root chakra this month's piece is being worked on a red fabric with red beads. I am also including buttons that include a focal piece that is a carved horn elephant button, the animal associated with the chakra. Red is not one of my favorite colors so this is somewhat challenging to work in this color palette. At this point in time I am not feeling particularly happy with the piece and am stuck as to what to do next with it. I am going to have to push through as I am reading that others are finishing their September entry and beginning their October piece. At least I know that I will do some work on it Friday night coming up when I gather with my other beading friends for our once a month get together.